Free Utilities

MeaMod provides the following free utilities for addressing unique Windows system management problems and challenges, and to aid in system administration tasks.



File: sleep.exe
Version: 2.0
Description: sleep.exe halts a process and causes it to wait for X number of seconds Installation Notes:Copy sleep.exe to location needed. To run file, type sleep and the amount of seconds you wish the process to sleep for.
Usage: sleep [-m][-?] duration | Options: -m Duration in milliseconds
File Size: 124KB
Compatibility: Windows 98SE and above

Download: sleep.exe


File: launcher.exe
Version: 1.1
Description: launcher.exe elevates an executable for Windows Vista and above. For Windows XP and below execution of the files will be non elevated.
Installation Notes: Copy launcher.exe to location needed. To run file, type launcher and the file path to execute.
File Size: 48KB
Compatibility: Windows 2000 and above

Download: launcher.exe


Version: 1.0
Description: HostControl allows easy access to the windows host file from a simply easy to use interface.
Installation Notes: Download and run hostcontrol_setup.exe
File Size: 1.5MB
Compatibility: Windows XP and above with .NET 2.0 or above

The utilities on this page are licensed under the MeaMod Group Free License 2.1 licence and are therefore free to use